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California Engineerin Contractors - Bay Bridge Cut in Two Recognized as one of the West Coast's most reputable and reliable heavy construction contractors, California Engineering Contractors Inc.(CEC) regularly and successfully tackles difficult, complex projects with skill and apparent ease, consistently delivering top-quality work on time and within budget. The company's well known focus on technically demanding and schedule-driven projects has characterized CEC since it opened its doors for business in 1972, starting with just a small amount of savings, a pickup truck and two employees.

Since then, CEC has emerged as an industry pioneer in its ongoing efforts to create and implement innovative techniques and solutions in order to meet the increasingly complex demands and needs of the construction industry, as illustrated by its ample portfolio.

The company's experience now includes virtually all types and sizes of public works projects - railroad construction, seismic retrofit and rehabilitation of major structures, bridge construction, marine construction, flood control structures, tunnel retrofit/rehabilitation, and other infrastructure-related projects.


CEC to Partner with Shimmick on Massive BART Retrofit

BART’s governing board on Thursday approved the more than $267 million contract for California Engineering Contractors Inc. and Shimmick Construction to install an inner steel lining inside the 3.6-mile concrete tube and to construct a new water pumping system. It is the last major contract from BART’s $1.3 billion Earthquake Safety Program

Spans Become Ships...Again

When CEC brought down the Carquinez Bridge spans, they became the subject of a National Geographic documentary. Now CEC is working to bring down even larger spans on the eastern span of the Bay Bridge. Click here to see the video of the latest lowering, and what happens to the steel when the 'ships' reach port.

Bay Bridge Steel Recycling Continues

The Bay Bridge Steel Program, being administered by Oakland Museum of California (OMCA), was created in response to significant public interest from Bay Area artists and creative communities in making steel from the bridge available for repurposing and reuse. The program’s intent is to preserve elements of the original 1936 East Span of the Bay Bridge. Click here to learn more.

Striving With Collaboration

A construction company with Engineering built into the name. A little different, right? CEC is a construction contractor, but we pride ourselves in problem solving and engineering.

Safety is Job One

At CEC we live safety each day. For us, making sure our people, our subs, and the public are safe is not box to check, it’s truly an integral part of the job. It’s the first thing new recruits are taught, and it’s the first thing discussed at the morning meetings.

Quality Access Solutions

Committed to excellence, California Scaffold Services demonstrates a highly experienced, professional approach with an unrivalled dedication in the industry. We have a proven track record for the most challenging locations.


When is comes to caring for the natural resources of our clients and job sites, we are second to none.