Quality and Competency

Quality and trust are two words is a word we take very seriously at CEC. Quality Assurance and Quality Control are part of each decision we make. Clients and owners put tremendous trust in us each time we tackle a challenging project. We don’t think that trust is just given, we know it has to be earned. Our first task on each project is to earn the owner’s trust. Our job is then to reward that trust with exceptional results and an exceptional experience. Trust is the fuel that drives us.

At the end of the day, it’s the people of CEC who have made us what we are. Our belief in teamwork, at every level of the job, means everyone involved feels a stakeholder. We feel a special satisfaction each time we hear a client or owner talk about a methodology we took, or a unique strategy employed that changed the ballgame, saving time, money, and often making jobs safer and faster. We look good when we make owners and clients look good.

Striving With Collaboration

A construction company with Engineering built into the name. A little different, right? CEC is a construction contractor, but we pride ourselves in problem solving and engineering.

Safety is Job One

At CEC we live safety each day. For us, making sure our people, our subs, and the public are safe is not box to check, it’s truly an integral part of the job. It’s the first thing new recruits are taught, and it’s the first thing discussed at the morning meetings.

Quality Access Solutions

Committed to excellence, California Scaffold Services demonstrates a highly experienced, professional approach with an unrivalled dedication in the industry. We have a proven track record for the most challenging locations.


When is comes to caring for the natural resources of our clients and job sites, we are second to none.