Our People

We have always had a well-guarded secret core value at CEC: It’s all about the people. Yes, vehicles, equipment, tools, they’re all important. But at the end of the day what separates us from the competition are our people. We’re proud of the company we’ve built together, and our success is a result of great people sharing their ideas and skills. Maybe not so secret, but we don’t like to brag, and it really is the core to our success.

Working at CEC is no walk in the park. We expect a lot from everyone, whether the front office, the staff, or the crews in the field, and they always deliver. People come here knowing they’ll be challenged. We pursue jobs that push our engineering skills, our collaborations, jobs that allow us to continue as an innovator in the business. Plus, they know we’re a long term team, where they can grow both their ability and their responsibility.

Striving With Collaboration

A construction company with Engineering built into the name. A little different, right? CEC is a construction contractor, but we pride ourselves in problem solving and engineering.

Safety is Job One

At CEC we live safety each day. For us, making sure our people, our subs, and the public are safe is not box to check, it’s truly an integral part of the job. It’s the first thing new recruits are taught, and it’s the first thing discussed at the morning meetings.

Quality Access Solutions

Committed to excellence, California Scaffold Services demonstrates a highly experienced, professional approach with an unrivalled dedication in the industry. We have a proven track record for the most challenging locations.


When is comes to caring for the natural resources of our clients and job sites, we are second to none.