The new XL 5100 III, weighing just over 55,000 pounds, reflects a new Gradall design philosophy that delivers increased performance, excellent cost containment benefits and a shorter carrier for easier highway mobility and a shorter rear swing.

Unlike the XL 5100 that used two Cummins engines, the XL 5100 III uses just one Detroit Diesel Mercedes engine. Conserving fuel while producing greater horsepower, the new engine operates both the truck carrier and the upperstructure and boom. Plus, the concept reduces maintenance costs with only one electrical system, one radiator, one set of filters and other non-redundant features.

While the old model required two fuel tanks – one with 86 gallons and one with 50 gallons – the efficient new engine is paired with a single 100-gallon tank. Also, the new engine has a longer warranty with standard 600-hour service intervals rather than the 250-hour intervals required by the engines it replaces.

From the chassis cab, the operator can drive the excavator at highway speeds to one or more jobsites in a single day. And from the upperstructure cab, the operator uses the same engine to reposition the carrier and operate the powerful telescoping and tilting Gradall boom that set the industry standard in construction equipment versatility. Also, operators of the new model have greater control over their carrier positioning speed using a two-speed switch in the upper cab.

XL 5100 III models are available in 6 x 4 and 6 x 6 configurations, painted in the new Gradall color scheme – gray with red trim and dark gray cabs – similar to the XL 3000 and XL 4000 models. But the XL 5100 III carriers are 6 inches narrower than the models they replace, so they now can be driven on highways without an over-width permit.

A newly designed counterweight is higher, without restricting operator vision, and more compact, helping to reduce the swing clearance by 18 inches and the total length of the undercarriage by 6 inches. The shorter swing clearance enables the machines to deliver greater performance in tighter quarters, reducing interference with moving traffic during highway demolition and repair work.

The new upperstructure cab is located on the left side of the machine, a familiar location for operators of Gradall XL 4100 and XL 3100 highway speed models. It has a large, adjustable modular seat with joysticks built into armrests. Also standard are AM/FM radio, air conditioning and a work light package.

The upperstructure swing speed has been increased by 33 percent, providing greater productivity for truck loading and unloading, allowing the Gradall to compare favorably with high performance conventional excavators. Bucket breakout force is increased from 21,900 to 24,900 pounds and boom crowd force increases from 23,390 to 24,500 pounds.

New electronic joysticks replace hydraulic controls, providing optimum reliability. Also, using a switch in the cab, the operator can now select the Gradall, SAE or Deere joystick pattern. Another convenient switch for the operator sets carrier speed during repositioning from the upper cab.

The boom movement hydraulics system uses a single load-sensing axial piston pump -- an efficient load-sensing design that automatically adjusts boom power for high productivity excavating, ditching, loading and demolition or standard grading, sloping and finishing. Not only is the load-sensing feature convenient and productive, it also allows for fuel savings. Operators of the new model also have the option of reducing engine RPMs from 1900 to 1700 using a new switch in the cab.

Gradall’s legendary versatility is apparent in the new XL 5100 III with boom movements that extract full productivity from a wider range of attachments. Unlike conventional booms that require significant overhead clearance to operate, the Gradall boom benefits from a telescoping action that allows it to work under bridges, trees, signage, top down excavations and on the ground floors of many multi-story construction projects. Also unlike conventional booms, the telescoping action delivers consistent power throughout the entire digging cycle.

To capitalize on the versatility of the XL 5100 III, Gradall offers buckets designed for excavating, pavement removal, dredging, ditching and trenching. Also available are grapples, hammers, grading blades, Telestick and standard boom extensions, a tree limb shear and a live boom that can reach over obstacles and dig straight down. For the convenience of fleet managers, attachments are interchangeable with Gradall XL 4100 II models.

The XL 5100 III carrier is armed with an Eaton Roadranger transmission with nine speeds forward and two reverse. Operation is much quieter thanks to a series of advantages like a variable viscous fan clutch system, while the new chassis benefits from a stronger new axle, standard low profile radial tires and hub piloted disk wheels.

From the carrier cab, drivers can monitor engine performance with new gauges for oil pressure, coolant temperature, air tank pressures, fuel level, volt meter, speedometer with odometer and tachometer with an hour meter. The cab also has a new air suspension seat as well as indicator lights and controls for front axle engagement on 6 x 6 models and rear axle differential lock.

To demo a new XL 5100 III model, contact an authorized Gradall distributor or call Gradall at (800) 445-4752. For literature, write to Gradall Industries, Inc., 406 Mill Ave. SW, New Philadelphia, OH 44663, or visit our web site at

All Gradall excavators are designed, built and supported by Gradall Industries, Inc., with processes that meet ISO 9001 standards. Gradall Industries is wholly owned by the Alamo Group.