California Engineering Corporation Bay Bridge demolition East span

Customer Commitment

CEC maintains an unflagging commitment to constructing high-quality projects for its customers, consistently providing the services necessary to achieve budget and time requirements and consequently securing its clients’ loyalty and repeat business. The company has found that partnering with owners, suppliers, and subcontractors ensures timely and successful project completion, along with a service philosophy emphasizing honesty and candidness. Actively anticipating and addressing minor issues before they become major problems enables the company to quickly implement solutions that keep projects on time and within budget, preventing any potential negative impact on a project’s quality and schedule.

Plus, CEC takes its role seriously as an industry leader in providing accurate and timely budgets, estimates, and cost records for its projects, accomplishing this by employing highly qualified people equipped with knowledge of the latest technological advances, from computers to methods. This sound approach to doing business, coupled with an unswerving focus on project success, has produced desirable results: CEC has never been late on any project, nor has it ever paid liquidated damages on any project completed, and the company’s more than $250 million of public sector work completed during the past decade has been finished without a single claim.

Striving With Collaboration

A construction company with Engineering built into the name. A little different, right? CEC is a construction contractor, but we pride ourselves in problem solving and engineering.

Safety is Job One

At CEC we live safety each day. For us, making sure our people, our subs, and the public are safe is not box to check, it’s truly an integral part of the job. It’s the first thing new recruits are taught, and it’s the first thing discussed at the morning meetings.

Quality Access Solutions

Committed to excellence, California Scaffold Services demonstrates a highly experienced, professional approach with an unrivalled dedication in the industry. We have a proven track record for the most challenging locations.


When is comes to caring for the natural resources of our clients and job sites, we are second to none.

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